Storing our compost

1. The Joys of Compost

2. Materials needed

3. Building the bins

4. Starting our compost

5. Feeding our bin

6. Why two bins

7. Storing the compost

8. Using the compost


Kohn's Corner

At some point, we’ll have a bin full of beautiful compost. The second bin might also be full but not yet quite finished decomposing. 

Time to empty the completed compost bin.  

For that we need an old 30-gallon trash can or similar container with a good tight lid. Anything that will keep the compost dry.

Now, with our bin emptied, we have:

1) a place for our new kitchen vegetables, and

2) a can full of compost/earth to cover them.  

Oh happy day!    

(My favorite trash can is the 32-gallon Rubbermaid Brute, because it's indestructible. Unlike the flimsy one in the photo above. Live and learn. Hey, it's what I had.)            

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