Materials needed

1. The Joys of Compost

2. Materials needed

3. Building the bins

4. Starting our compost

5. Feeding our bin

6. Why two bins

7. Storing the compost

8. Using the compost


Kohn's Corner

1. Posts, metal, sturdy, six of them, 5 ft long. At Lowes or Home Depot for about $5 each.

2. Sledge hammer. For pounding in the posts.

3. Chicken wire, 25-foot roll, 3 feet wide, about $8.

4. Topsoil, 40-lb bags, six to eight. A little more than a dollar each at WalMart, Lowes or Home Depot when on sale. Well need these to throw onto the kitchen wastes. Later, well have enough  compost to not need to buy dirt again.

5. Tie straps or anything similar to secure the chicken wire to the posts. Steel wire isn't bad, just a little harder to work with than plastic tie straps, and can poke us if not bent back.

6. A shovel. If it has a fiberglass handle, it can be left at the compost bin. Here's an example:

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