Starting our compost
1. The Joys of Compost

2. Materials needed

3. Building the bins

4. Starting our compost

5. feeding our bin

6. Why two bins

7. Storing the compost

8. Using the compost


Kohn's Corner


OK, weíve built our compost bins. Theyíre standing there, empty, side by side. Itís time to start making compost.

The books say to cover the bottom of the empty bin with leaves, straw or something similar. But donít worry if you donít have any. Start by throwing anything in.

Except, in my opinion, grass clippings, especially if they were sprayed with insecticide. 

A few years ago, emptying a bin, the earth inside was gorgeous, brown and beautiful, until a couple feet down I hit a layer of grass clippings that looked about as new as the day they were put in months earlier. I haven't had much luck with leaves either, unless I'd shredded them first.

Again, not to worry if we donít have anything for the bottom layer of the bin. Just start. Compost is forgiving. Itíll work out fine.

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