The world has come to fear, almost to expect, terrorist attacks and high oil prices. 

Many blame this on Israel. If only stubborn (no, racist and apartheid) Israel would make peace with its neighbors, all would be well. 

A recent conversation with an intelligent individual caused me to create this page. I heard how effective Arab propaganda and media manipulation has been.

These sites are the best I know for learning more about Israelís fight for survival. If you support freedom and civilization, if you ever doubted Israel's right to exist, please look through them. 


10 Facts about the Arab - Israeli Conflict   These ten facts are awkward for Arabs. One wonders why facts aren't more important. 


Facts and Logic About the Middle East (FLAME)
Clear, one-page information sheets on the Middle East. 


Honest Reporting
Convincing and, unfortunately, never-ending examples of how the media is guilty of biased journalism. The Arabs are the underdog in this fight, and it's largely the media's doing.


Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America (CAMERA)  Similar to Honest Reporting.


Islamic Fascism, Israel and the American Left
An astonishing site, one man's vociferous effort to eradicate ignorance.


Israel Video Network  "When the State of Israel is being slandered, Israel Video Network steps up to the plate to promote videos to help people understand the truth about what is really going on."


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