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How the site works

You send me your list, I add graphics, you review it, I publish it. That simple.

Your list should try to stay focused. Let's try to limit our list to only ten CDs, each of which we'll pretend holds more than one hour of music.

Just that the CD shouldn't be called "Everything ever done by [name of group or artist]."

Our rules are quite flexible, but if we had no rules at all, we'd be ... YouTube. And we wouldn't know what was gold and what was brass.

You'll also have a chance to tell us why you like the music. Write as much or as little as you want. Once you've looked at the lists on this site, you'll see what I mean.

What happens if you later discover new music that needs to change your list? That is, to replace one of your favorites. No problem. Come back to me through a simple email and I'll change your list just as you want it to be.

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