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for us poor shlubs stuck in the suburbs with only a 2-car garage for a workshop

Building the Carts
Cutting 2x2s to size
Building fronts and backs
Building the frames
Building tops and bottoms
Last thoughts


Last thoughts


What I wish Id done differently:

1. Enclosed the carts.

If Id enclosed the carts with plywood, I could have also added a shelf inside and ended up with a bit of storage space. Fortunately, with the gussets removable, its easy to still go this route.


2. Used locking casters, and used 3 casters.

Im writing this right after building the carts, and havent yet tried them. But I expect to have a problem with the carts moving as I use the power tools. Ill try clamping the wheels in place, but now think I should have swallowed the higher cost of the locking type casters. It reminds me again of what my son, Ben the Seabee, says, Buy cheap, buy twice.

 Am also thinking the 2 casters are a little small. Wish Id bought 3-inchers.


3. Built the cart for the miter saw a few inches lower.

If the table on the miter saw were the same height as the garages workbench, I could lay down long pieces of lumber, like trim, supported by the workbench. Ill do this on the next cart I build.


Id looked for plans for a simple cart all over the net, and found almost nothing. Hope you found these pages enjoyable and instructive.


-- Steve Kohn, December 2008


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