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gus∑set (g s t) n.
1. A triangular insert, as in the seam of a garment, for added strength or expansion.
2. A triangular metal bracket used to strengthen a joist.  


The first sheet of plywood, cut at the store, became unusable when I built the frame the wrong way. I thought about going back to the store and buying another sheet of plywood, but decided to drive on with the material I already had.

So I made gussets.

I wonít belabor the process or measurements, as a gusset is a gusset. What I will mention is that I found it visually attractive to cut off the pointed ends, as in the photo at right.


If the gussets are so large that they overlap, youíll want to cut them so they meet cleanly.

The photo, below left, shows it done wrong, the middle photo shows how to lay the two pieces for marking, and the right photo shows how it looks done right.


The photo below shows that when screwing on the gussets, to not let screws collide. We donít want one screw to crash into the other one around the corner. Or crash the drill bits weíll use if our 2 x 2s are not soft pine.  










I didnít glue the gussets in place Ė didnít glue anything except the frame -- so they could be removed and replaced at any time by just removing their screws.


Two drills make this a lot easier, the first for drilling pilot holes, the second for driving in screws.







Speaking of screws, hereís what I used, and recommend. Three carts needed two packs.













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