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Building the Carts
Cutting 2x2s to size
Building fronts and backs
Building the frames
Building tops and bottoms
Last thoughts


Cutting 2 x 2s to size

Each cart is made by building front and back frames (rectangles), then connecting them.

Then strengthening them, then adding tops and bottoms, then adding casters.

But one step at a time. First we build the frames.


Verticals for the frame are 26” long. Each cart has 4 verticals.

Horizontals for the frame are 18” long. Again, each cart has 4 horizontals.

The connecting pieces are 15” long, and of course we need 4 of these, too.


The photo above shows the pieces for all three carts cut to size. It looks like the horizontals are on the bottom, the verticals in the middle, and the connecting pieces on top.


You can also see some evidence of the blade binding when I ripped the 2 x 4s. These studs were made of Douglas fir, hand-picked at Lowe’s, and much denser and stiffer than ordinary pine. Almost more than the 10-year-old blade in my single-phase table saw could manage. But great wood, and there could be nothing better for a sturdy frame.


It’s not that important to cut the pieces to precise lengths.

What is important is to cut the pieces to the same length.

To be sure it’s clear, it doesn’t matter if the verticals aren’t 26”. They could be 25 ½” or 26 ¼” or whatever. But each piece must be the same as its brother. If not, the cart won’t stand straight, the tools won’t sit flat. Same with the horizontal and connecting pieces, they must be the same length no matter what that length is.

The time-honored way of cutting pieces exactly the same length is to use a stop block. I clamped a stop block to my workbench, and also clamped the miter saw to the workbench to ensure it didn’t move.

Yes, this is an awful setup. The saw should be bolted down. I’ve got a gardening pot under the workbench. The garage is a mess.

That’s why I built these carts.


To recap, we take our 2 x 2s and make:

·         12 pieces 26” long

·         12 pieces 18” long

·         12 pieces 15” long

Or thereabouts.


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