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for us poor shlubs stuck in the suburbs with only a 2-car garage for a workshop

Building the Carts
Cutting 2x2s to size
Building fronts and backs
Building the frames
Building tops and bottoms
Last thoughts



After the gussets are installed, our box is finished. Now we can screw on the top (18 x 24) and bottom (18 x 18). These were attached with a countersunk flat head screw at each corner 2” long, pre-drilled to guard against splitting.

With the bottom in place, we’re now able to install the casters. Nothing complicated about this either. Lay the caster in place, mark and pre-drill the holes, screw on the casters.

Three of the screws should be about 2” long, as they’ll go down into the frame’s 2 x 2s, while the 4th screw, on the inside, will go into only the 1 x 10 plank.

For this last screw, I used the 1-inchers left over from the gussets, and ignored the slight amount (about 1/16”) they stuck out of the 1 x 10. If you have ¾” screws lying around, all the better.



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