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for us poor shlubs stuck in the suburbs with only a 2-car garage for a workshop

Building the Carts
Cutting 2x2s to size
Building fronts and backs
Building the frames
Building tops and bottoms
Last thoughts


Building the tops and bottoms

For these I used 1 x 10 lumber, which you know is really 9 Ό” wide, not 10”. (And only Ύ” thick, not 1”.) Two pieces butted together, helped by biscuits, gives us, essentially, an 18” wide plank.

If you don’t have a biscuit joiner, the joint could be easily strengthened with some bracing underneath.

The plank on the bottom of the cart must be 18” long. This gives us an 18 x 18 square, perfect for the 18 x 18 bottom.

The top plank can extend a few inches on either side. I chose 3” on each side, for a plank 24” long, but you can adjust that as desired.  









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