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Building the Carts
Cutting 2x2s to size
Building fronts and backs
Building the frames
Building tops and bottoms
Last thoughts


Building the frames

Once we have fronts and backs, we connect them together with the 15” pieces to make the cart’s frame.

Here’s where I made a careless mistake. Yet a mistake that might have saved the entire project. 

My original plan was for the frames to be 18” x 15”, then covered with a top 24” x 15”, or three inches longer on each side than the frame. None of my power tools was more than 13” in depth, so 15” was about right, I thought.

It didn’t happen that way. That’s because I mindlessly put the 15” pieces inside the front and back pieces instead of outside them. 

The result was a top and bottom 18” x 18”. (You will remember that each 2 x 2 is actually 1 ˝ x 1 ˝. Two 1 ˝” pieces equals 3. Three plus 15 equals 18.)

Why was 18” x 18” good?

Because it made the carts a lot more stable. They can be pushed with less danger of tipping over, even as top-heavy as they are.

Why was 18” x 18” bad?

Because the plywood I’d bought was cut at the store to enclose 15” sides. Now the plywood was unusable. (Except for gussets, which we talk about later.)


Well, done is done. The frames were built wrong, but they were strong and true. I decided to move on to the top and bottom pieces.


I used 3/8” dowels in a few corners to help strengthen them. Afterwards I realized the gussets and top/bottom pieces would hold the frame together just fine.


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