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Building the Carts
Cutting 2x2s to size
Building fronts and backs
Building the frames
Building tops and bottoms
Last thoughts


Building fronts and backs

We build the front and back pieces by gluing and clamping the 26” and 18” pieces together.

Note from the photo (at right) that the 26” pieces go inside the 18” pieces.

Getting the frame right may be the most important part of the project. We have to try as much as possible for the corners to be 90 degrees. If they’re not, the vertical pieces won’t be straight up and down. Not necessary to belabor why that’s bad.

Not bad. Show stopping.

The best way I know to ensure the corners are as close to 90 degrees as possible is to measure from one corner to its diagonal opposite corner. Then measure the other set of corners. Then adjust until both measurements are the same. (The speed square helps, but more as a double-check, not nearly as important as the tape measure.)

These measurements are done with the clamps a little loose. When the pieces are adjusted so the diagonals are equal, remove the long pieces, glue their ends, put them back in place, measure again, then clamp tight.

The scrap piece of acrylic was used as a base. It’s helpful because it’s flat and glue won’t stick to it.

By the way, I love these Jorgensen clamps.


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