Holes for Adjustable Shelves


Here's where I had a lapse in concentration, and it cost me. Not fatal, but surely dumb. More on this later.

We have a number of ways to adjust the height of shelves.

I chose to drill two rows of holes, each on an opposite inside, with brass shelf pins holding the shelves.template for shelf holes.jpg (39282 bytes)

To drill the holes accurately, I built a template. So far, so good.

Then I got careless, paying more attention to the music on the CD than to what I was doing. 

Before I knew it, I'd drilled holes where they weren't supposed to be.

To fix it, I had to plug one whole row of holes using a plug cutter [thanks to Ben for having a set in the workshop]. The plugs were a lighter wood, and the error is evident. But structurally, no damage done.

bookcases, showing mistake in drilling holes.jpg (40475 bytes)Here's the mistake before the holes were plugged.

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