Dadoes and Rabbets in Side Pieces


Cutting dadoes and rabbets in the side pieces was an important part of the project.

Here's what it looks like: bookcases, corner dado and rabbet.jpg (34915 bytes)

If done well, the shelves would fit snugly and the bookcase would be strong.

If not done well....

Am pleased to say this project was done well.dado set for bookcase project.jpg (59391 bytes)

It was made easier by a dado set that I should have bought two years ago for my entertainment center project.

Dadoes for the shelves are about an inch from top and bottom.

Rabbets at the back of the side pieces are the width of the thickness of the back piece. [One-half inch, though maybe I should have used quarter-inch stock.]

Both dadoes and rabbets were cut 1/4" deep into the 3/4" plywood.

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