Building the Case


Building the case is straightforward.

If the shelves, dadoes and rabbets were cut accurately, then everything goes together easily.bookcase on floor, clamped 1.jpg (46363 bytes)

Corners will need their usual adjusting to ensure they're square, but the Titebond III gives enough time to do this.

Experienced woodworkers know you've got to first set up your pieces, clamps and weights without glue. That was especially important advice on this project.

bookcase, back clamped on and weighted down.jpg (37551 bytes)The back was glued to both the sides and fixed shelves. Dowels through the back piece into the shelves added stability.


bookcase, dowel rods in side, with drill and saw.jpg (41078 bytes) I also used dowels to secure the side pieces and the fixed shelves. Might not have been necessary, but why take chances. Plus I like the look of dowels in wood.

bookcase side, 2 dowel rods showing.jpg (28115 bytes) Here's what the dowels look like before they're cut flush and sanded.

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