The Bookcases Installed


So how did the project turn out?

after, bookcases installed view from straight on.jpg (55076 bytes)

Not bad, eh? Certainly better than before. [Of course, that's not saying much.]



A few more photos:

after, bookcases installed view from front left.jpg (39745 bytes)        after, bookcases installed view from kitchen.jpg (43850 bytes)       

The empty shelf at left was quickly filled with overflow from our three full-height bookcases.

I made a mistake in building the wooden foundation for the end of the bookcase that extends past the green tile base.after, bookcase step base.jpg (64849 bytes)

The right side is carpet, and that's what I measured for the height of the wooden foundation.

Unfortunately, the left side sits on concrete/stone. It's different by only 7/8" [now he measures], but that's more than enough to keep the bookcase from standing straight.

So I nailed together a quick 2x4 foundation, and will shorten the existing one in the coming weeks.

A good woodworker could have knocked this whole project out in two or three weekends. It took me most of the summer. 

Maybe because I was enjoying the process so much. Hard to beat time in a workshop, puttering around as if you're really accomplishing something, good music or good radio keeping you company.

If you've read this far, I'd be interested in your ideas. Send them to: usarmycwo at

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