Steve's bookcase project
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  This project wasn't a labor of love as much as doing something useful with the back wall of our living room. 

The front wall had been ifinished with spkrs tv.jpg (81518 bytes)mproved [?] a couple years ago  with a simple entertainment cabinet . Now to fix the opposite wall.

This end of the room held a woodstove we had never used -- and never will, unless it's the middle of winter and power has gone out. 

The house's former owners used the stove, why don't we, too? The advantages (free wood from our many trees) just don't seem worth the chance of a house fire.

The wood stove removed much of the usefulness of that back wall. The space on either side of the stove had become a magnet for household debris begging for a home.

Here's what it looked like. (Talk about airing your dirty linen in public.) Click on the pic to expand it, then the Back button to return here.

before, LR back wall.jpg (54630 bytes) before, LR back wall, left of woodstove.jpg (70973 bytes) before, LR back wall, right of woodstove.jpg (60339 bytes)

The rest of this website describes the construction of the bookcases that will flank the woodstove.

If you're not a woodworker, you may want to skip the details and go directly to the "after" photos.

It occurs to me that if you ARE a woodworker, you may want to skip the details and go directly to the "after" photos.

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