Film critics                                                                                                    as of April 2021

Even when we don’t agree, I respect their perspective and ability to articulate it. Some critics appear in both columns.


Don’t Like

Vincent Canby (“Kagemusha”)

David Denby (“Magic in Moonlight”)

Roger Ebert (my favorite reviewer, but even he sometimes misses)

David Edelstein (“Wonder Woman” or “L’iceberg”)

Owen Gleiberman (“Red 2” or “Chronicle”)

Rick Groen (“Attenberg,” “KickAss,” or “Fokkens”)

Ken Hanke (“Cache” or “Wendy and Lucy”)

Stephen Holden (“Even the Rain” and more)

Stuart Klawans (“Faust”)

Liam Lacey ("TS Spivet")

Mick LaSalle (“Dark Knight Rises” and many more)

Karina Longworth (“Cloud Atlas,” more)

Janet Maslin (“First Wives Club”)

Todd McCarthy (“Chronicle”)

Joe Morgenstern (“Hunger Games,” “Hugo,” more)

Wesley Morris (cerebral, sometimes overthinks it, but one of my favorites)

Christopher Orr (didn’t like “Departed” or “Children of Men” but expressed why well)

Peter Rainer (“Wonder Woman”)

Rex Reed (also didn’t like “Dark Knight Rises,” also shares my low opinion of Wes Anderson)

Nick Schager (but didn’t like “Rango”)

A.O. Scott (“Attenberg,“ “In a World,” “8 Women,” “Dheepan,” “Beyond the Hills”) (but didn’t like “Magic in Moonlight”) Unsentimental, gave “100-ft Journey” a 30; maybe not, liked "Queen of Katwe"

Barbara Shulgasser (“First Wives Club”)

Eric D. Snider (“Paul”)

Peter Stack (“Open Your Eyes”)

Dana Stevens (“Hugo,” “Her”)

Lawrence Toppman

Ken Turan (“Hugo”) (rated “Counselor” as 25)

Gregory Weinkauf (many examples)

Joe Williams (many examples, but “Trainwreck” especially)

April Wolfe (Bad Santa 2)

Marjorie Baumgarten (didn’t like “Treeless Mountain”)

Ty Burr (“Magic in Moonlight”)

Manohla Dargis (maybe my least favorite film critic)

David Edelstein (many but most for “Son of Saul”)

David Fear (didn’t like “Brooklyn Castle”)

J Hoberman

Stephen Holden (hated “Book Thief”)

Ann Hornaday (maybe not: see “KickAss2” and “8 Women”)

Kirk Huneycutt (hated “Yi Yi”)

Eric Kohn (didn't like "Queen of Katwe")

Anthony Lane (maybe not: also liked “Attenberg”)

Tom Long (“Magic in Moonlight”)

Roger Moore (didn't like "the Proposition")

V.A. Musetto (didn’t like “Klitschko”)

Andrew O’Hehir (loved “Cloud Atlas,” hated “Magic in Moonlight”)

Michael Phillips (many examples)

Stephen Rea (“Magic in Moonlight”)

Rex Reed (didn’t like “Walk the Line,” did like “Flowers of War”)

Richard Roeper (loved “Counselor”)

Jonathan Rosenbaum (didn’t like “Delicatessen” or “Very Long Engagement” or “Wind Shakes Barley”)

M. E. Russell (hated “Hoodwinked”)

Andrew Sarris (many examples)

Lisa Schwarzbaum

A.O. Scott (didn’t like “Walk the Line” or “Other Guys” but also liked “Faust”)

Eric D. Snider (“Beyond the Hills”)

David Sterritt (“Zissou,” “100”)

Desson Thompson (“Au Revoir Les Enfants,” more)

Stephanie Zacharek … many examples.